The History of Remote Work

The History of Remote Work

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Why has it taken 50 years for remote work to catch on?

For the past 50 years, remote work has been treated as an "employee benefit" or reward that should be used sparingly. But to resist remote work is to resist change - a costly mistake that makes companies less competitive, innovative, and profitable.

In this episode, Kristin explains how the 9-5 paradigm is outdated and why remote work is a return to basics rather than an innovation or trend. Remote work helps people and companies save money while making more. It increases employee morale, productivity, and quality of life.

After listening, you’ll better understand their innate desire to work remotely.

You’ll be more confident in asking your employer to work from home or seeking out remote job opportunities.

Likewise, hiring managers and company decision-makers will be motivated to capture the many benefits of remote work as soon as possible.

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