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How to Close the Gender Wage Gap for Remote Workers

Did you know that even female remote workers earn less than men? The gender wage gap truly has no borders.

In this episode, Kristin talks with Tortuga Backpacks about:

- How pay inequality affects men, women, minorities, and people of all nationalities

- What women can do about it

- Why wage transparency is important for companies

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How to Build an Online Business as a Single Mom with No Experience

Single mother and Berlin-based digital nomad, Freya Casey, is β€œone of the happiest people in the world” because she turned her greatest passion of singing into her profession - with absolutely NO prior business experience!

She has been performing all around the world for many years, in opera, musical theatre, with orchestras, bands, combos, and as a solo artist, and now teaches people how to master their voices through her YouTube channel with more than 75,000 subscribers.

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