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Today’s topic is life advice: I share the best 5 pieces of advice I’ve ever received plus 3 more I found this week. This week’s episode was inspired by a Quora question asking “What’s the best life advice you’ve ever received?” I had to answer!

But first, some news!

• TWK is now on Roku and soon Amazon Fire TV

• Travel vlogs on Estonia and Kyoto were published on Traveling with Kristin YouTube

• I talked about the best food I’ve ever eaten in the world on Destination Eat Drink podcast

• I was invited back onto The Maverick Show

• I applied for the Bumble Dream Job of “Global Connector Bee.” Leave a comment on Bumble's Instagram if you think I would be a good fit! 

My Quora Life Advice (upvote it!)

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Today's guest cancelled but the show must go on. We are making lemonade out of lemons today with a spontaneous podcast on simple actions you can take TODAY to change your life forever. This episode was inspired by a Quora Question I answered: What's the BEST Life Advice You've Ever Received?