Solo Female Travel with Digital Marketer and Instagram Influencer, Christa Romano in Lisbon

Live Podcast from Lisbon, Portugal

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Solo Female Travel as a Digital Nomad + Dating While Traveling + How to Start a Side Hustle

Christa Romano and Kristin Wilson share travel stories from their years working remotely and discuss what it takes to become a digital nomad. Christa has been a digital nomad or living abroad since 2013, while Kristin has been remote for over 10 years.

On this podcast, we discuss:

• How to become a digital nomad

• How to find digital nomad jobs

• Dating as a digital nomad

• Why you should try co-living

• Some of the experiences she's had while traveling

• Christa’s favorite travel and digital nomad destinations

• The best cities to start in as a digital nomad

• Traveling alone as a solo female traveler

• How to balance work with your side hustle

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