Bitcoin Pizza and Traveling the World with Samantha Raddochia

Blockchain and the Future of Work

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Blockchain Entrepreneur’s Remote Work Habits and Travel Tips

Samantha Radocchia, or “Sam Rad” for short, is an entrepreneur, author, engineer, and early blockchain pioneer and advocate who combines the mindsets of an anthropologist and a technologist.

She’s led corporate trainings at Fortune 100 companies, governments, investment firms, and the United Nations, educating leaders on the technologies and cultural shifts that will shape their organizations—and daily lives—in the decades to come.

Sam is the author of Bitcoin Pizza: The No Bullshit Guide to Blockchain and writes as a contributor to Forbes. She was also named to their 30 Under 30 List in 2017.

A three-time entrepreneur, Sam holds several patents, and is a co-founder of Chronicled, an enterprise blockchain company focused on supply chain. She now consults executives on emerging technologies and trends and delivers keynotes at events worldwide as she works to build her next company.

Sam is deeply passionate about Future of Work, virtual and augmented reality, and gaming.

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