Is Your Job at Risk of Outsourcing or AI?

Is Your Job at Risk of Outsourcing or AI?

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Will Your Career be Affected by Automation or AI?

It’s no secret that automation is eliminating jobs. The question is, will it replace yours

In this solo episode, Kristin explains how to decrease your risk of being replaced by a robot. Instead of focusing on excelling in one area of expertise, you can become a “specialized generalist.” Or, someone who uniquely combines multiple skills and talents. 

While A.I. is expected to impact jobs in technology, human resources, and manufacturing at first, every sector of the economy will become affected. Experts expect up to 40% of the world’s jobs to fall to A.I. in the next 15 years. 

Tune into this episode to find out what school never taught you this strategy for increasing your value in the modern-day workplace (but should have). 

Learn why becoming a “career polymath” will be critical in succeeding as a knowledge worker in the future economy.

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