How to Close the Gender Wage Gap for Remote Workers

Tortuga Backpacks on How to Close the Gender Wage Gap for Remote Workers

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Female Digital Nomads Make Less Than Men. Why?

Equal pay is a hot topic right now, especially after the USWNT won the World Cup of Soccer and with democratic presidential candidates joining the conversation. Luckily, remote companies like Tortuga Backpacks are leading the way with innovative policies to help close the gender pay gap.

A recent survey of 2,520 self declared digital nomads revealed a troubling reality: In spite of the other progressive aspects of the digital nomad movement, there were significant and obvious pay gap amongst nomads despite isolating the variables of age, hours worked, education, and job roles between men and women.

In this episode, Kristin talks with Tortuga's Jennifer Sutherland Miller about:
- How to sustain a digital nomad lifestyle for over 10 years in 50 countries
- How to travel as a digital nomad family with four kids
- What it's like to work for a fully remote company
- How pay inequality affects men, women, minorities, and people of all nationalities
- Why wage inequality is a global issue that affects everyone
- How individuals and companies can take action now to make more money

Behind the Numbers:

  • 52% of women digital nomads make less than $3000 a month, while 31% of male digital nomads fall into the same bracket.

  • At the top of the scale, 23% of female digital nomads earn more than $5000 a month, while 43% of male digital nomads make more than $5000 a month.

  • Nearly twice as many men are in the top earnings tier. And there are over 20% fewer men in the lower group.

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52% of women digital nomads make less than $3000 a month compared to 31% of men.

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