How to Create Passive Income and a Location Independent Business with Matt Bowles

How to Create Passive Income and a Location Independent Business with Matt Bowles

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Join Matt & Kristin in Brazil as they chat about how they create passive revenue streams as digital nomads:

Matt is a location-independent entrepreneur who started his own online business after stumbling across The Four Hour Work Week in a bookstore back in 2007, the same day he got laid off from his 9-5 job.

He now helps people create passive income streams through location-independent real estate investment properties and runs a podcast interviewing other digital nomad entrepreneurs. He has been featured in major national media and was named one of the “Top 50 Real Estate Opinion Makers and Market Leaders”.

Matt and his co-founders at Maverick Investor group have helped individual real estate investors buy over $100 million in residential investment property across 15 States. As a location-independent business owner, Matt runs his company (and hosts the podcast!) from epic locations around the world and has lived in over 50 different countries since 2013.

Matt and Kristin met on Nomad Cruise 6, where they were both speakers.

Kristin has joined Matt’s podcast, The Maverick Show, on two occasions:

The Maverick Show Episode 03: From House Hunters International to Relocating Professional Poker Players: Sustaining a Long-Term Digital Nomad Lifestyle with Kristin Wilson

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The Maverick Show Episode 35: Bad Ass Digital Nomads, Personal Brand Building and Designing Your Path to Location Independence in 30 Days with Kristin Wilson

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