The Benefits of Co-Living and The Future of Work

How Co-Living and Remote Work Will Change Our Lives and the Global Economy

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Cost, Convenience, and Community: The Benefits of Co-Living and The Future of Work

Christine McDannell is a location-independent tech entrepreneur who skipped college and entered the workforce right out of high school. After a career in real estate, she founded eight companies over the next fifteen years. Today, she’s the founder of the Kindred co-living management platform and booking site.

During this episode of Badass Digital Nomads, Christine and Kristin sit down on a sunny day in Amsterdam and talk about:

  • The lifestyle benefits of co-living (“the three C’s”)

  • Their predictions on how remote work will change the global economy

  • How co-living and remote work help people save money while making more

  • How she started 8 companies in 15 years

  • How you can be a successful entrepreneur

  • How she met Sir Richard Branson

  • What it’s like to live and work in Amsterdam

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