What is a Digital Nomad? (Podcast)

In this solo episode, Kristin clarifies the common myths, misconceptions, and possibilities around digital nomadism, location independence, and remote work, related to:

  • Required tech skills

  • Quitting your job

  • Traveling and cost of travel

  • Freelancing

  • Passive income

  • Job titles

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Digital nomad “trendiness”

We also discuss:

  • The various categories and types of remote workers.

  • How to break through the perceived limitations of a location-independent lifestyle.

  • How the self-imposed labels and stereotypes of “digital nomads” are unfounded and unnecessarily hold people back from going remote.

Digital nomadism is a dynamic, ever-evolving mindset. It’s not a fixed destination or identity.

It doesn’t matter what your job title is, how you support yourself, or where you fall along the digital nomad spectrum - we are all helping to define digital nomadism for ourselves. And that’s okay.

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What the heck is a digital nomad? Kristin explains.