40 Things Only Digital Nomads Would Understand

Things happen when you become a digital nomad. There are ups and there are downs. Your world-view may change and expand. There are good times and hardships.

It’s not always smooth sailing, but a sense of humor goes a long way in keeping things in perspective.

Normal people might find it difficult to communicate with digital nomads sometimes. That’s because they simply don't understand some of our daily life oddities.

Here’s a list of 40 things all digital nomads can relate to that other people wouldn’t understand: 


1. Planning your year (or life!) in terms of months and destinations. 


2. Trying to decide which day of the week should be your Saturday/Sunday.


3. Sitting in line at an embassy or consulate to get pages added to your passport.


4. Always mailing in absentee ballots to vote.


5. You realize that countries you always HEARD were "dangerous" usually… aren't.


6. Explaining the FBAR forms to your accountant and striving to qualify for the FEIE (#America).


7. Analyzing which banks and credit cards have the lowest international ATM fees.


8. You're fluent in the art of travel and credit card point hacking.


9. You're better at booking flights than a travel agent.


10. You're a packing ninja by now.


11. You've spent more time than you want to admit reading reviews in search of the perfect DIGITAL NOMAD backpack.


12. Planning an around the world trip is part of normal life and not a bucket list item anymore.


13. You automatically, subconsciously evaluate public spaces by their remote workspace potential.


14. Being legitimately jealous of people who have real office chairs, computer displays and desks.


15. Sometimes you work 20 hours a week and sometimes 80. NBD.


16. Feeling a slight twinge of guilt as you watch people heading to work during rush hour or after a lunch break.


17. FINDING THE PERFECT AIRBNB WITH A "laptop friendly workspace” and SUCCESSFULLY teaching your host to SEND A speed test RESULT before confirming your booking.


18. You've joined all the digital nomad Facebook groups AND registered on most of the nomad apps. Also, Facebook won't stop asking where you live. 


19. You own a SIM card from every country.


20. Making best friends with people in one day and saying good-bye to them a week later.


21. Tourists in foreign countries ask you for directions AND YOU CAN USUALLY HELP THEM.


22. Realizing you don't understand some jokes or references because you've missed years of your home country's pop culture, but still being okay with it.


23. Your dating life is a bit of a hot mess but eventually, you'll figure it out.


24. Your friends may be scattered all over the world, but you always know someone, somewhere.


25. You're not shy about meeting people anymore; strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.


26. Forgetting where you are when you wake up. PRETTY REGULARLY. 


27. Being nocturnal or taking a phone call at 4am is no big deal.


28. You never wait in lines because you only go places during off-peak days and times.


29. You kinda dread answering the basic questionS:

"Where do you live?"


"what do you do?" 


31. You've felt all the feelings in the same day: grateful, badass, homeless, lonely, lucky, euphoric, excited, contemplative, sad, broke, rich, scared, confused, and many more.


32. You've pretty much memorized every country's time zone, visa rules, and entry requirements.


33. You know what a "border run" is.


34. You've been to the doctor or dentist in at least 10 different countries.


35. Feeling like you belong nowhere but everywhere at the same time.


36. You've pretty much completely stopped observing your home country's national holidays (or any country's for that matter).


37. You probably don't own a car, or it was eventually adopted by a friend or family member since you're never home.


38. You can't live (or work) without noise cancelling headphones + Coffitivity or Hipster Sound.


39. You know who Levels is.


40. If it doesn't work out, you know you can always go back home!


What are some of the other funny or quirky things you've noticed about being a digital nomad?

Let me know in the comments!