15 Best Digital Nomad Communities for Networking

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Joining an online community is key for long-term success in the location independent lifestyle.

Finding your tribe is imperative for staving off the creeping isolation, loneliness and depression commonly experienced by remote workers. But furthermore, it serves as a unique networking opportunity, social circle, source of inspiration, method to find employees or jobs, and a way to problem-solve for your business.

Read on to find out if any of these communities are a good fit for you.

15 Online Communities for Digital Nomads

In no particular order...


1) Nomad List

Over 53,000 members

One of the original and largest online communities of digital nomads and remote workers, Nomad List was created by Levels, a Dutch programmer, entrepreneur, and all-around hero and role-model in the community at large. There's a slack channel for almost every topic imaginable. Ask questions, absorb info, meet people.

Cost: $30 for 1 month; $99 for 1 year or $149 for lifetime subscription.



2) DigitalNomad.Community

Members Unkown

This is the world's "First Decentralized Autonomous Platform for Digital Nomads and the Remote Workforce," built by DNX and based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Cost: Free with added services



3) HelloFellow

Members Unknown

A start-up based in Germany, HelloFellow is an online community and information exchange for expats, emigrants, nomads and other travelers abroad. Their goal is to help you meet other foreigners who live in your neighborhood and share a similar background and life challenges. It’s a community more intimate than a Facebook group with 1,000s of people.

Cost: Free



4) NomadBase

Users Unknown

NomadBase is an app available in select cities, created to help people connect with other remote workers and nomads in the same city.

Cost: Free



5) Global Digital Nomad Network

Over 32,000 members

This is the original nomadic Facebook group that was created to connect remote workers from all over the world. Powered by OG digital nomad Johannes Voelkner of web•work•travel and Nomad Cruise.

Cost: Free



6) Meetup.com

Around 60,000 members

This is the online source for offline meet-ups, so if you haven't tried Meetup.com yet, you definitely should. There are a variety of Digital Nomad-related groups, but also seemingly infinite niche topics outside the nomad realm. They help you to meet like-minded people from all walks of life. Whether you're looking to attend a dinner party in Berlin or knit a scarf with ladies in the Australian Outback, the combination of topics, interests and locations is practically unlimited.

Cost: Free and Paid Options



7) Flylancer

About 2,500 members

Penned as "the world's largest offline community for remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads," Flylancer helps you to meet offline in 15 major cities around the world.

Cost: Free



8) Digital Freelancer

More than 5,500 members

This community provides access to tools, guides and support to help virtual freelancers build thriving businesses or take their existing venture to the next level. Courses, job stream, chat feature and "highly actionable" articles are available as well.

Cost: Free



9) Remotive: The Community of Remote Workers

Over 700 members

The purpose of Remotive is to meet like-minded professionals, support each other as a community, share remote jobs and provide productivity tips.

Cost: $49-249 lifetime membership options



10) Digital Nomad Girls

More than 16,000 members

If you're a digital nomad and a girl, well, you may want to join this growing online community of free-spirited, cost-effective women.

Cost: Free, with a paid option to join the "Inner Circle"



11) Digital Nomad Community

About 500 Members

Described as a community of like-minded people that offers help and support to anyone who wishes to build their own business, travel the world, or just work from home.

Cost: $37 for lifetime access



12) Long-Term Digital Nomad Success

1,300 members and growing

(Shameless plug ☺️) This is my community, but hey—this is also my article *wink*. There are many sources online that give tips on how to become a digital nomad or what it's like to be one, but few are focused on helping you thrive in the lifestyle long-term. I started this group as a way to bring people together and share information that has helped me sustain the location-independent lifestyle for nearly 15 years. If it worked for me, chances are it will work for you!

Cost: Free

Request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/digitalnomadsuccess/


13) Digital Nomad Sub-Reddit

Members: The Entire Internet Community

No online community list would be complete without a Reddit thread (amirite). Fairly self-explanatory, Reddit is what it is. There's a range of topics and info here and discussions between both veteran and aspiring nomads and everyone in between.

Cost: Free



14) Internations

3.1M members in 420 cities

One of the original expat forums and exchanges, Internations is a globally recognized network aiming to help people feel at home anywhere. Isn't that what nomads want at the end of the day? Connect with other expats and nomads in your city, join exciting events year-round and get local tips about your next destination.

Cost: Free, with paid options from $6.95-10.95 per month (free trial available).



15) Nomad Soulmates

Over 1,000 members

Cultivating long-term relationships may be one of the greatest challenges facing digital nomads. To resolve that issue, two digital nomads created Nomad Soulmates, the largest online dating website for fellow remote workers. They offer a web app and manage a Facebook group with over 13,000 members. They also run annual retreats around the world. Check them out!

Cost: Free




There you have it—my pick of 15 diverse online communities, from the intimate to the massive.

It bears mentioning that as the nature of online and offline communities tends to blend together for digital nomads, meeting people in person at conferences or events then keeping in touch online is also relevant and common.

Attending an organized event like the Nomad Cruise, Nomad Summit, or DNX Conference is a quick way to make hundreds of new like-minded friends. For a more low-key experience, there are also plenty of co-living options these days, from Roam to Wifi Tribe, which you can plug into temporarily but return to anytime.

Digital Nomad Flyboarding Excursion during Nomad Cruise 6, Malta (2018)

Digital Nomad Flyboarding Excursion during Nomad Cruise 6, Malta (2018)


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