16 Countries in 6 Years Working from Her Laptop - Travel Blogger, Katie McNoulty

Interview with The Travelling Light

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Finding the Travel Light with Katie McKnoulty

Katie McKnoulty is an Australian nomadic writer, photographer and branding consultant, based between Paris, France and the world. On this episode, she talks to us from the sunflower fields of Tuscany, Italy. 🌻

Working remotely from her laptop over the past six years, she’s travelled all over the world seeking to "find the light," immersing herself in 16 different cultures up-close and in-depth, spending a month or more in each place, living in 24 different houses and apartments in the process and meeting too many incredible people to keep count.

She documents her journey over the last six years on her blog, The Travelling Light, a collection of unique and light-filled places, people and personal journal entries.

Hire her for your online marketing and branding needs through her new company, The Light Studio.

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